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Save even more energy?

Tips for your heating system

  • Stick radiator foil behind radiators against exterior walls. You'll save up to €25 a year by doing this.
  • Make sure furniture is not too close to the radiator. This will save up to €20 per year.
  • Vent the radiator, then your heater will work better and you will save gas.
  • Heat only the rooms you use. Turn off the heating in the bedroom. You will save up to €170 per year. 
  • Set your central heating boiler to 60°C instead of 80°C for less gas consumption (zetmop60.co.uk).
  • Curtains in front of radiators? Shorten them so the heat is not lost.
  • Provide good ventilation. This is not only important for your health but it also helps to heat the room better. Airing briefly in the morning will make your room warm up faster.
  • Turn off the heating at night or set it to 15 degrees. That way your home will not be heated unnecessarily at night.

Tips for lighting

  • Replace all your light bulbs with LED bulbs. You will save up to €20 per year.
  • Place dimmers on your lamps.
  • Opt for a solar-powered outdoor lamp.
  • Turn off lights in rooms where you are not, that way lamps do not burn unnecessarily.

Tips for the kitchen

  • Cup of tea? Don't put more water in the kettle than necessary.
  • Do the dishes in a tub instead of under the running tap.
  • After making coffee, do not forget to turn off the machine.
  • Check the temperature of the refrigerator (4°C) and freezer (-18°C).
  • Let your food cool before putting it in the refrigerator and freezer.
  • Defrost your freezer regularly against ice buildup.
  • Leave the refrigerator door open longer instead of opening and closing the door a few times.

Tips for the bathroom

  • Try taking shorter showers: 5 minutes is enough. You will save up to €80 per year with this.
  • Save with a water-saving shower head. This can save you up to €40 a year.

Tips for laundry

  • Put the washing machine on eco mode to save up to 30% energy.
  • Hang laundry on the line instead of in the dryer. That saves up to €60 a year.
  • Set the washing machine to maximum 40 °C. You will save up to €20 per year by doing so .

Tips for devices

  • Replace old appliances with energy-efficient ones. You will save up to €40 per year by doing so.
  • Turn off appliances instead of putting them on standby. You can save up to €75 a year by doing this.
  • Use a standby killer that automatically turns off devices that are on standby.

Tips against drafts

  • Install door closers so doors close by themselves. You will save up to €20 per year by doing this.
  • Install a draft brush to prevent a drafty mailbox. 
  • Install draft strips on all your windows and exterior doors. That way you can save up to €60 a year.

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