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Frequently Asked Questions

You receive the letter about Energiebespaardienst because you rent a property from Mooiland. Therefore, you are eligible for a free visit from an energy coach.

During the home visit of the Energiebespaardienst , the coach will bring products such as draft strips, radiator foil and LED light bulbs.

You qualify for the Energiebespaardienst when you have received a letter or flyer from Mooiland. This letter states that you can make an appointment through the website or by phone.

If you want to make an appointment with the Energiebespaardienst, you will find 3 available dates and times when the energy savings coaches can visit you. Is there no (suitable) option between them? Then try again at a later time. There may be more appointment times available. Or contact the Helpdesk.

Go to the website. Click on "Make an appointment immediately" and fill in your details. Then you will see a number of possibilities to schedule an appointment: click on a date and part of the day that suit you best. You will receive a confirmation of the appointment and Energiebespaardienst will visit you on the agreed date and time.

Do you have questions?

Contact us immediately and you will hear from Energiebespaardienst as soon as possible .

About the Energiebespaardienst

Our energy savings coaches visit Mooiland residents at home to provide on-the-spot assistance directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you schedule an appointment? What happens during a visit? What products will I get? Read the frequently asked questions here. 

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