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What products does the coach bring?

During the home visit of the Energiebespaardienst , the coach will bring along various products such as draft strips, radiator liner, mailbox brushes and time switches. Also consider products such as LED light bulbs, water savers, shower timers and water-saving shower heads. Product offerings vary by action.

Together with you, the coach looks at what is needed in your home to save on energy costs. Depending on the possibilities, certain products will be installed, which will allow you to save directly on your energy bill.

Wondering how to install energy-saving products yourself?

Below are 4 different instructional videos on how to install energy saving products. Our colleague at Energiebespaardienst explains step by step how to:

  1. glue radiator foil behind your radiator.
  2. places a door brush.
  3. attach a water-saving perlator/water saver to your faucet.
  4.  glue draft strips around your window frames.

Do you have questions?

Contact us immediately and you will hear from Energiebespaardienst as soon as possible .

About the Energiebespaardienst

Our energy savings coaches visit residents at home to provide on-the-spot assistance directly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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